9 tips on how I incr


9 tips on how I increased Pinterest monthly viewers from 257K to 9 million viewers in a month. I achieved 9 million monthly views with only small numbers of followers- learn my pinterest marketing strategy that really worked for my blog. Promoting my blog on Pinterest was the best thing I have ever done to my blog, resulting generating 3x more traffic that I get from facebook.


  1. Posted by daeguluvs, — Reply

    hii!! i’ve been working very hard on my page, i know these are annoying and already so boring to see, but please check out my account, it would mean a lot to me !! i also follow back <3

  2. Posted by Ivyhwk, — Reply

    Why is everyone obsessed with followers on pinterest? like- i get if you're creating the pins but people that want to amass followers on their own accounts confuses me ngl.

  3. Posted by charlottereidsma, — Reply

    Hey guys, if you don't mind, could you check out my other account and leave a follow? It's ☆Charlotte Reidsma☆. I would really appreciate it! 🌟💕

  4. Posted by adavgo, — Reply

    well i dont feel as bad asking for a follow here since everyone is doing it haha! I was wondering if y’all could look at my account! I’d love to follow you guys back and look at your boards :) ☀︎︎

  5. Posted by stephylopu2, — Reply

    Hey guys, I’ve been working on my account for a while and I’m trying to get to 100 followers, please follow me, that would mean a lot! :) have a great day!

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